St Sennen

Celebrating 1500 years of Christian Witness 2020

St Sennen Church, Celebrating 1500 years

of Christian Witness, a.d. 520-2020

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Unfortunately due to the current pandemic the following events are on hold. As soon as we are able to celebrate again we will notify you all via our website and FaceBook page! Stay safe, with love and blessings† to you all!


1st December 2019, 10am – Feast Service, Bishop of Truro presiding (and relicensing of Brian Simpson as Lay Reader and Michelle Brown as Lay Worship Leader). Followed by Feast Lunch.

2nd December 2019, 7pm – Feast Quiz in the First and Last Inn.

17th January 2020, 7.30pm – ‘St Senán and the Origins of Sennen’, an illustrated talk by Prof. Michelle P. Brown, Churchtown Hall, Sennen (with nibbles, bring your own drinks), £3 on the door.

18th February, 7pm – ‘The Geology of Land’s End’, an illustrated talk by Profs. Gordon and Barbara Cressey, St Sennen Church, Sennen (with light refreshments), £3 on the door.

17th-20th March, 10am-4.30pm – ‘Saints, Sites and Signposts to Our Future?’, a retreat led by Revd Ray Simpson, Guardian of the Community of Aidan and Hild (Holy Island), with a pilgrimage around local sites led by Michelle Brown on 20th March. £10 per day (you can come for any or all of the days, or even half days). Book via, includes veggie soup lunches, or turn up on the day with own lunch. Pay on the door. Talks and worship on 17th-19th March take place in n St Sennen Church, Sennen. The pilgrimage on 20th starts at the Church at 10am.

12th April, Easter Sunday, 11am – Easter Service.


31st May, Pentecost, 3-5pm – Ecumenical Afternoon Tea, Churchtown Hall.

Date tbc   - Celtic Music and Beer Festival, First and Last Inn.

Date tbc St Buryan Male Voice Choir Concert

14th and 21st June – Visit in Parish by the Bishop of Truro.

26th June Friday 4 - 6pm as 'Open Organ Bench'. Come and play the recently restored organ at Sennen for your and others' enjoyment. Followed by 6pm Songs of Praise.

Date tbc – Celebrating the Sea Party, Service in St Sennen Church at 11am and an afternoon of family fun on the beach, 2-5pm.

Date tbc – Celtic Eucharist and Cathedral Choir Evensong in St Sennen Church.

August, date tbc – Cream Tea in Cecil and Michelle’s quiet garden, ‘Land’s End Elemental Garden’.

18th September – ‘Being a Celtic Saint’, an illustrated talk by Prof. Michelle P. Brown, with discussion, on the input by early Celtic saints to appreciation of the natural world, to contemplation and spirituality, social justice and work in the world – and how this can help inspire and inform us today. Churchtown Hall, Sennen, £3 on the door, included nibbles, bring your own drinks (book via

26-27th September Local Artist Festival concluding with Harvest Festival on 27th At 3/4pm Songs of Praise Celebrating the Arts at Land’s End, St Sennen Church in Sennen Church

2nd November, 6pm – All Souls Service, St Sennen Church.

29th November, 10am – Feast Service, St Sennen Church, followed by Feast Lunch (book via

30th November, 7pm – Feast Quiz, First and Last Inn.

11 or 12 13th Dec Celebration of Crib Scenes Sennen Church    


The Sennen 1500th Anniversary Pilgrim Badge


A commemoration of the 1500th anniversary of the foundation of Sennen Church

by the Irishman St Senán in AD 520 and of the continuous worship here ever since.


We have based the pewter pilgrim badge upon the Celtic-cross motif that forms part of the Moylough Belt-Shrine, a treasured exhibit in the National Museum of Ireland. There are records of such belt-reliquaries effecting cures and being used to swear oaths upon during the early Middle Ages. It was probably made to contain a relic, the 6th-century belt, perhaps of St Senán (who was born in a Moylough), who came to W. Penwith as a missionary and aid-worker in 520.


The badge's model, the Moylough belt-reliquary (NMI), below. Irish, 8th century.


The Badge (below)

Sennen anniversary badge, courtesy of the Worshipful Company of Pewterers, its current  Master, John Gallagher, & Prof. Michelle P. Brown.  






Stones, Saints & Seaways


A celebration of the foundation of Sennen Church in AD 520


Two special commemorative items


Booklet £5


Pewter Badge £10


To enable us to keep the funds raised by the anniversary, which will contribute to Sennen Church’s work in the world,

it would be very helpful if you could place your payments for the booklet and badge, and any additional donation you may wish to make,

in the envelopes marked 2020, filling in the giftaid details if you are able.

However, whilst the Church is closed during the current pandemic please email enquiries to


Thank you so much and may your way be blessed.

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