St Sennen

Words of Blessing

From Ffald –Y –Brenin in Pembrokeshire who believe that each Christian is empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak for God in their community, and we are called to do this in obedience to God’s call upon each person in the church. Speaking not in judgement or to reprove but speaking a blessing for every part of our world, every person in it. In the light of the hard times recently with too many acts of hatred, too much pain and anguish suffered by the innocent it is time that we, as Christians, rise up to make a stand. We need to pray, and pray for blessing for our part of the world, and for the wider world. To pray for God’s blessing to overcome evil and hatred. Here is a selection of some of the ways in which we can pray, whether alone or in groups, in your home or church or in the village – it matters only that we pray.

Father, we accept the mantle of authority that Jesus delegates to us and now, in His name, we speak to every household in our parish and say:  We bless you in the Name of the Lord. We bless every relationship within each household, that there may be peace and love and understanding flowing between each one.

We bless all marriages and partnerships that they may be strong and whole, loving, forgiving and merciful.  We bless every network of wholesome and supportive friendship and pray for honesty and compassion in our dealings with one another       

We speak blessings on the land: We bless the soil and the grass, the rocks and the trees; we bless the rivers and streams, the cliffs and the sead, the meadows and pastures, the woods and the hills. We bless the crops in the fields to grow healthy and strong; we bless the animals, birds and insects, that all would flourish to the glory of God 

We speak blessings of health:  We bless the health of every person in our parish and to all who are sick we say: we bless you in Jesus’ name with a speedy recovery

To all who live and work in our community we say:  We bless the work of your hands. We bless you with enough to live and enough to give. We bless all those who volunteer to do things that improve the life of your people

We speak blessings on our schools:  We bless the teachers and children in our schools that they may be secure and safe.  We bless the children with a capacity to learn and develop relationships. We bless them with a simple trust in Jesus, and that we might enable their trust to grow and become enriched

We speak blessings on our church fellowships:  We speak to the churches in our parish and we bless you in the name of the Lord that the Holy Spirit and the word of God may flow out from you in power.  

We bless the hearts of all who live in our parish to be softened towards God and quickened to hear and respond to his voice. We bless all who live and work here, that the overspill of the blessings of the presence of the Kingdom of God may fall upon us all

We welcome you Lord; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to sweep through our parish, healing our hearts and souls, bodies and minds, and moving us from glory to glory until we are reunited with you in eternity.   Amen


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