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Michelle and Cec's Easter Garden and Labyrinth

Labyrinth Prayer by Michelle Brown

Father, you made us travellers in this world,

Set us on a journey – to you.

We stand at the threshold and our steps falter,

We pull back, afraid of commitment.

Which way should we go?

Which path should we choose?

There are obstacles set in our way.

We withdraw, stalk the edges,

As outcasts.

We circle the world,

Looking for a path to you.

Finally our horizon widens,

We see the bigger picture.

We start to notice the blessings on the way,

The detail of other little lives,

For each white stone bears the name

Of a resurrection soul.

And we are all unique,

like every other creature.

Now may we approach our God,

No longer on the gallows tree,

But glowing, like the jewelled Cross –

Sign of eternal life –

Planted in the human soul

To grow within Creation.

And so, our journey through the labyrinth

Of life complete,

We venture forth upon eternity

Towards sweet union with Thee.



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