Two Coat Sunday

The Street Food Project wrote on Facebook on Monday 8th January

“It was freezing tonight on that corner with the wind whistling round but what a great night, really busy with all sorts of things going on. Many of our visitors s were so cold so when Vanda Perrett arrived with a car full of warm hats, coats, hoodies etc donated by Lands End Churches they were queuing by the car and went away warm and happy. Great food too, the chicken curry aroma wafting across was superb, Anna Findlay thought there might too much and some would have to be frozen - no way, it all went! So pleased she is going to be a regular cook on Mondays. Along with our regular volunteers a number of new people came down to see how it all works and signed up! They are going to be an amazing help to us all, you'll get to know their names over the next few weeks. Thanks you so much to everybody who was there helping tonight, look forward to seeing you again soon. Xxx"

On Wednesday 11th January the Food Project wrote on Facebook

“Chilly night tonight, but lots of laughs, great chats, and a hefty dose of squeezey hugs. We counted at least 28 tummies filled (and 1 four legged furry belly too). HEAPS of donated clothes arrived with local Pastor Vanda Perrett and her smiley chap. Thank you soooo much to everyone who donated to us through Vanda's congregation. So much stuff! Lots of our visitors left with exactly what they needed. ”

There are lots more donations to be delivered over time, and some of the items will be going into the store when the project moves into permanent quarters, so we will be storing some things in the church while we wait for the keys to the new venue. It feels a bit cheeky to ask, but there are two things that are still really needed but we did not ask for when we started to collect: men’s trousers or jeans, especially size 30 inch waist, and men’s shoes in size 8, 11 and 12. Thermal gloves and good waterproof coats have almost all gone already and have been really appreciated.



Please pray for our couples getting married soon, especially Dominic & Fiona on Saturday 7th April in St Buryan church; Samantha & Thomas on Saturday 21st April in Sennen church; Stephanie & Joe on Saturday 19th May in St Buryan church; Donna & Daniel on Saturday 21st July in Marlborough; Thomas & Georgina, Wedding Blessing on Wednesday 25th July in St Levan church; Dom & Louise on Saturday 28th July in St Levan church.


Baptism and Confirmation

Please pray for those considering Baptism and/or Confirmation especially Ben on Sunday 4th February in St Levan and Keaton in April.


Sennen Churchtown Hall

Jane Atkinson writes: I am a responsible for collating the "Friends of Sennen Churchtown Hall" list. So if you would like to be on the friends of Sennen Churchtown Hall list to be kept in touch with events and news please email with your email address and name. Thank you!


Messy Church
we are continuing to reach out with this special ministry of Messy Church, but we could really do with some help. Do you think that you could spare about 3 hours every two months to come and help with Messy Church? Training given, DBS certificates will be needed, we can apply via our church. It is such a great fun filled activity and one that does make our hearts sing for joy too – tired joy at the end but joy nevertheless! Contact Vanda or Caroline Amos (chair) for more details.

AMD Info and Updates

We are currently focusing on God’s Reconciliation: How do we live out this reconciliation with each other and demonstrate his love?. Our AMD representatives are Caroline Amos and Ian Groves at St Buryan; John Rudge and Bridget Hughes-Jones at St Levan; Michelle Brown and Jean Jefferies at Sennen.


Reading in Church

Just a gentle reminder please, if you swap your Sunday reading/ Intercessions with someone else please don’t forget to either tell the person who organises the readings/readers on Sunday mornings, or mark the swap on the master copy in the vestry.


Benefice Prayer group

Reverend David has started up a regular prayer group. Please contact him on 01736 811253 if you are interested in joining in. 


The Lands End Benefice Youth Group

This group meets monthly on the second Sunday at 6pm for fellowship, fun, food and fabulous times! 

This group is for young people from usually from the last term of year six and into secondary education. This is very much a church group and so the membership is dependent on church connection. Further details please contact Canon Vanda Perrett 01736 810216 or


Quarterly Charities 

From 1st January we will be supporting Coast Watch (Box at St Levan); Cornwall Blood Bikes (Coffee Money at St Buryan); Sightsavers (Loose Change Box at Sennen)


Diocesan Newsletter

There is no doubt that a regular publication is vitally important for sharing news and keeping everyone updated on what is happening in and around our diocese. This monthly, FREE, four-page newsletter will be sent out via email at the end of each month replacing the weekly e-bulletin and it will also be available via the Diocesan website at Use the material in this monthly newsletter and do gossip the gospel and use all the means open to us to share our good news story. If you have an idea, news story or diary date, please get in touch with the Diocesan office by calling 01872 274351 or email 


Safeguarding Policy

The Diocese of Truro Safeguarding Policy is contained in a handbook entitled Responsible Caring. A copy is held in the Parish by Canon Vanda, and the Safeguarding Co-ordinators in each parish, who are Caroline Gill at St Buryan, Linda Rudge at St Levan and Jean Jefferies at Sennen. If you have a concern relating to Safeguarding, or if you need to talk, or if you wish to see the handbook, please contact one of the above.


Facebook users 

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page: “Land’s End Churches” Do click “Like” and “Following” to get the updates regularly.